The gearbox OptixDrive lower fuel consumption with up to 25% for ships with shaft generator - Enabling main engines to run on variable (optimal) rpm instead of fixed rpm


  • Tests show that OptixDrive can lower fuel consumption with as much as 25% (700 ton fuel per ship and year) through enabling the main engine to run on "combination mode"
  • 95% of all blackouts onboard will be eliminated since OptixDrive gives you the buffer time needed to start your emergency generator before the ship goes pitch black
  • In average OptixDrive is estimated to save 500 ton fuel per ship and year, meaning lowering emissions with as much as 1500 ton CO2







   How does it work?

  • Transmission is installed between the Power Take Out (PTO) and the shaft generator
  • Gearbox uses hydraulic power to compensate for reduced primary speed and adjusts the secondary speed to the generator's prefered rpm
  • Your shaft generator can be connected from idling up to maximum rpm - saving hundreds of tons of fuel annually & lower emissions of CO2, NOx & SOx
  • 95% of all "blackouts" onboard are eliminated through the rpm compensation continuing below idling rpm - resulting in the buffert time needed for starting auxiliary generators taking over electrical power production onboard
  • Optixdrive is provided in different models (e.g. 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,5) with a power range up to 3,5MW
  • Installation is adaptive and can fit your specific vessel with no docking or "off hire" needed during the job that takes approximately 24h


Optixdrive PowertrainOptixDrive One Pager_image





Optixdrive is estimated to save as much as 1 500 tons of CO2 per ship & year

To give an overview of the potential environmental impact, imagine the effect of the world wide fleet of 7 000 ships using shaft generators:

  • 1 500 ton less CO2 per year x 7 000 ships = 10 500 000 ton CO2

We believe that Optixdrive has the possibility to have a serious positive effect on the shipping industry's total emission of CO2, NOx & SOx.





Next generation fuel pump control

The fuel pump controlsystem OptixAutorail lower fuel consumption with up to 10% for engines equipted with individual fuelpumps. Enabling each individual cylinders fuelpump to be controlled to the most optimum power and cylinder-load.

  • Run your main engine with even exhaust temperatures at all rpm levels
  • All cylinders add equal power
  • Even wear on bearings and pistons
  • Load reduction only occurs when all cylinders are overloaded
  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions from COx, NOx, & SOx

Even cylinder power takeout

On a standard fuelrack controlled engine the power takeout varies between the cylinders. It is common that exhaust temperatures vary of as much as 75 degrees and as a result of this the engine gets big variation in cylinderload. To reduce the fuel consumption on a engine the easiest way is to reduce the rpm and load the engine on lower rpm. However, the result of this is quite common also increased exhaust temperatures. The turbine temperature is a result of the highest cylinder exhaust temperature. When a high turbine temperature occurs the load control system deload the propeller.

With OptixAutorail system installed all cylinders have the same power takeout and therefore the deload only occurs when all cylinders are overloaded. After installation the exhaust deviation is within 5-10 degrees as standard.

Easy installation and tuning

The OptixAutorail controlmodules are installed on each individual fuelpump. The exhaust temperature on each cylinder exhaust is measured and the individual fuel pump module is controlled with this as one of the references. During the installation the original fuelrack is disconnected and the original regulator is replaced by the controlprocessor in the OptixAutorail system. To get a more exact engine rpm the OptixAutorail system has a separate rpm pickup.
Mechanical installation is done in two days by OptixMarine installation team and thereafter one engineer joins the vessel for one day to tune the system to the specific engine. No docking or of-hire is needed for the installation.

Get forecast on wear and maintenance

OptixAutorail is ethernet connected and uploads condition reports of each part in the system. This information includes daily calibration settings, variations in demanded fuelpump settings etc. Based on this data the system is able to perform forecast calculation related to engine wear, maintenance demand and other issues in the engines controlsystem.

OptixAutorail is suitable for all ships

The OptixAutorail can work as a “stand alone” system together with the ships control system or in cooperation with a optimisation system/ software. Most tuning and optimisation systems “listen” to the existing data from the engine as it is today. They do their best to optimise and reduce fuelconsumption on the engine. However, it all come down to the correctness of the received data from the engine. If the temp from one cylinder is too high, the system will reduce the load on the engine. Hence the optimisation system is “fooled” by the engines data.
The OptixAutorail system is active within the engine instead of just listening to it. The result is that all systems that are listening to the engine will get correct data and therefore perform better. An installation of this system will result in fuelconsumption reduction of up to 10%.

The OptixMarine Team have more than 25 years experience in ships systems and believe that the shipping industry has a sustainable future. Our goal is to use this experiences and knowledge to lower energy consumption onboard ships.

Autorail Onepager


Swedish company specialised in marine powertrain efficiency

  • The OptixMarine Team belive that the shipping industry has a sustainable furutre and together we have more than 25 years experience in marine technology
  • OptixMarine's goal is to provide the best plattform for saving the environment, reducing annual running costs & increasing safety onboard
  • Long term, we want to use this technology to help our customers to reduce CO2 emissions with 375 thousands tons annually by the end of 2019

We are proud to be backed by The Swedish Innovation Agency VINNOVA along with The European Commission that has chosen OptixMarine AB for the SME Instrument Phase 1 program, or as they refer to it: "Champions league among smaller companies based on highest growth potential, a program that give them every chance to succeed."


 OptixMarine welcomes you onboard!








2018 November - Rederi AB Donsötank signs contract for two OptixDrives

We welcome Rederi AB Donsötank to the OptixMarine family! The have signed orders for two OptixDrive for their ships M/T Solando and M/T Solero. First delivery in april 2019 for the Solando and august 2019 for the Solero.

2018 September/ October - Veritas Astorias installation summary 

"Free electricity during voyage"

AB Veritas tankers, Veritas Astorias OptixDrive has now been running for almost thousand hours. The final result in savings during a period of two months with same conditions in 2016 and 2018 have resulted in a decrease of main engine fuel consumption with 1kg/Nm including the production of 300kw from the shaft generator for the hotel load during vouage. In short term the increase of main engine efficiency due to the kw load from the shaft generator (that does not affect the hydrodynamics of the hull) has resulted that all kw produced by the main engine is more efficient. The result is a reduction with 1kg/Nm and free electricity during voyage. The annual savings for Veritas tanker and the Veritas Astoria is approx, $240 000.

2018 August - Veritas Astorias installation is finalised

AB Veritas tankers, Veritas Astorias OptixDrive is now installed and in service. The unit has been running stabile and with good results for over 300 hours onboard. Maximum load so far has been 700kw and the output result has been +- 0,2hz in maximum frequency drop.

Film taken during the first start onboard


2018 July - Veritas Astoria installation has started

OptixMarine has started with the installation of misc, equipment onboard the Veritas Astoria. Controlcabinet, cables and information screen is now installed onboard.

2018 June - Veritas Astorias OptixDrive ready for shipment

After additional testing and packing of AB Veritas tankers OptixDrive, the unit is now ready for shipment to Veritas Astoria. The unit will be delivered onboard during their port of call in Sundsvall Sweden. The installation will soon thereafter be started by the OptixMarine installation team.

 2018 March - Special preview of the Optixdrive 1.5

The preview was performed on march 12 and persons from several of Scandinavias biggest shipping companies attended. There was a lot of impressed faces on site when the witnessed the Optixdrive showing of its stability and rigid exactness.

Preview pictures

Watch the test run:

Optixdrive 1.5 variable input/ stabile output

Optixdrive info panel during running

2018 March - FAT test and Special preview will be carried out

We are looking forward to the FAT tests on the 7th of march and also the Special preview of the Optixdrive. Invitations has been sent out to selected persons to attend this special preview of the Optixdrive 1.5 while in test bench. The preview will be carried out with 200kw generator load and show the stability etc of the Optixdrive 1.5

2018 February - The Optixdrive 1.5 has been class approved by the Bureau Veritas

After extensive work together with Bureau veritas the Optixdrive 1.5 that will be delivered to AB Veritas tankers vessel M/S Astoria has now been class approved. The FAT approval will be carried out on the 7th of march at Optixmarine testcenter in Lidköping Sweden. This is a big milestone for the product and for Optixmarine AB.

2017 December - Report from the testcenter

The test run of the optixdrive is ongoing at Optixmarine ABs test bench in Lidköping Sweden. The gearbox have gone through extensive test runs and have proven to be more stabil than anticipated. During normal ME "maneuvering rpm the outgoing rpm fluctuation is very low and equals to +- 0,5Hz, seen during testing.

2017 October - Optixmarine invests in a new test bench with 250kw capacity

To be able to test run all produced Optixdrives that goes out on the market, Optixmarine has invested in a frequency controlled test bench that provides possibility to run the gearbox at variable rpm. This way the team can tune in the optixdrive controlsystem already in the factory.

2017 September - The worlds first official test run of OptixDrive takes place in Lidköping at Framar AB

During the summer we have run tests on every part of the OptixDrive separately to make sure our final product will meet the quality standard we promise. Today, the 14th of September 2017, was a day of great joy as our first official run of the worlds first OptixDrive took place in Lidköping at Framar AB. This marks an important milestone in our journey as we now enter the final tests of the OptixDrive.

Watch the test run:

OptixDrive Test Run.MOV


2017 September - Donsö Shipping Meet 2017

We would like to thank everyone who visit us in our booths at the DSM 2017, and also direct our great gratitude to all entrepreneurial people at Donsö whom organised this wonderful fair. We can't wait until next time!

DSM 2017DSM 2017 Utemonter

2017 May - OptixMarine once again receives The SKAPA Foundation's Innovation Award for region west

OptixMarine´s CTO Torbjörn Lundh and ETO Johannes Forssén have been chosen as a finalists from region west in The SKAPA Foundation's award "SKAPA Utvecklingspris" for their invention OptixAutorail - the national final will be held in November in Stockholm, were the final winner will be announced.


2017 May - OptixMarine releases brand new product OptixAutorail at Nor-Shipping

The fuel pump controlsystem OptixAutorail lower fuel consumption with up to 10% for engines equipted with individual fuelpumps. Enabling each individual cylinders fuelpump to be controlled to the most optimum power and cylinder-load.

  • Run your main engine with even exhaust temperatures at all rpm levels
  • All cylinders add equal power
  • Even wear on bearings and pistons
  • Load reduction only occurs when all cylinders are overloaded
  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions from COx, NOx, & SOx

Watch the release:



2017 May - The world first OptixDrive 1.5 is now produced

The world first OptixDrive is now produced, just in time for the Norshipping fair in Oslo
Visit us in OptixMarines booth T03-05a  at Norshipping 2017.


2017 April - Changes in the OptixMarine team

We welcome Markus Forssén to the team and to replace Marcus Lagerstrand. Markus fills the position as Marketing & Sales Manager.


2017 April - The first gearbox housing is ready for assembly

The casting of the first aluminum housing is done and processed. It is now on its way to
our workshop for assembly.


2017 March - OptixMarine team increases

We welcome Marcus Lagestrand to the team. Marcus takes the seat as Sales manager. He comes previously from Bosch Rexroth and Consilium.


2017 February - OptixMarine will launch a new product at the Nor-Shipping fair in Oslo

Optixmarine will present yet another revolutionary aid for shipowners to optimise their ships. Fuel reductions up to 5-10% and return of investment under 1 year. This product can be used combined with all other optimisation systems and results in lower exhaust temperatures, higher ME power output and lower maintenance costs.


2017 January - OptixMarine will attend the Nor-Shipping fair in Oslo

Optixmarine will attend the Nor-shipping fair in Oslo may 30th through june 2nd. Visit us in the Swedish pavilion in hall T.


2016 December - Team OptixMarine say thank you all for this year

2016 Has been a interesting and prosperous year for OptixMarine Ab and our product OptixDrive. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!  


2016 November - OptixMarine receives The SKAPA Foundation's National diploma of Honor

OptixMarine´s CTO Torbjörn Lundh Received the Diploma of Honor during a gala in Stockholm on September 10th.

We also welcome Johannes Forssén to the team. Johannes takes the seat as Process Control Manager.


2016 October - OptixDrive winner of Stena Line Propeller Prize 2016

We are proud to announce that our CTO Torbjörn Lundh on 13 October received the marine technology award "Stena Line Propeller Prize 2016" at Näringslivsdagen in Karlskrona.


2016 September - OptixMarine celebrates a successfull fair at SMM in Hamburg

We could not have imagined the amount of positive response that we received from shipping and chartering companies. The customer book is now full with new leads and we would like to thank every that visited us during the fair.


2016 August - OptixMarine moves in to new office at Lindholmen Science Park

OptixMarine will have a new visiting address (from October 2016) in Gothenburg and you will find us at Lindholmen Science Park - An international collaborative environment for innovation, research and education within Transportation and other relevant industries.


2016 June - OptixMarine will Exhibits on SMM in Hamburg 6-9 September

Meet OptixMarine on SMM in Hamburg 6-9 September in Hall B3.OG stand 113. Contact us for setting up a meeting during the fair.


2016 May - OptixMarine receives The SKAPA Foundation's Innovation Award for region west

OptixMarine´s CTO Torbjörn Lundh has been chosen as a finalist from region west in The SKAPA Foundation's award "SKAPA Utvecklingspris" - the national final will be held in November in Stockholm, were the total winner will be announced.

2016 April - Preparations for installation onboard Astoria progressing

We have since the beginning of the year expanded Team OptixMarine and been working intensely with preparing the installation onboard Astoria. Along the way several design improvements have been done, for enabling even higher efficiency at the main engines optimal rpm. Production has started and installation is planned during Q2 2017.


2016 March - OptixDrive shortlisted for Green Ship Technology Award 2016

We have received the information that OptixDrive has been shortlisted for The Green Ship Technology Award 2016 and the winner will be announced at the price ceremony 16 March at Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen.


2016 February - The European Commission  invests in OptixMarine AB

The European Commission has chosen OptixDrive for their SME Instrument as one of the breakthrough innovations with a promising potential to contribute to EU’s environmental program ”Horizon 2020”, helping the global shipping industry with lowering their fuel consumption and environmental impact. Together we believe that the shipping industry has a sustainable future, you are welcome to join us.


2016 January -  Jakob Johansson joins Team OptixMarine

We are very happy to have recruited Jakob Johansson, product development specialist with hands-on experience from developing front end technology within the Norwegian offshore industry, that will take lead on OptixDrive's roadmap.


2015 December - Sweden's Innovation Agency VINNOVA Invests in Optixmarine AB

We are glad to announce that VINNOVA has decided to invest in OptixMarine AB, supporting the implementation of OptixDrive on ships world wide.


2015 November - OptixDrive is Now Ready for Sale in The Range 1,0-1,5 MW

Other models, e.g. the 3,5 MW version, will be ready for deliver during 2017. Contact us if you would like a template for calculating your ROI.


2015 October - OptixDrive Awarded Innovation of The Year by Gothenburg Inventor Association

Our CTO Torbjörn Lundh proudly received the award for Innovation of The Year by Göteborgs Uppfinnarförening during a ceremony held at Chalmers Lindholmen in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are very grateful for this award and would like to thank everyone that has been working together for arranging the ceremony.

2015 September - OptixMarine at Donsö Shipping Meet 1-2 September 2015

Donsö Shipping Meet 2015 is now over and together with almost 1150 participants we are very pleased with the prosperous planning of the convention. Many contacts have been made and a great interest have been shown for OptixDrive. All eyes are, from now and forward, pointing towards the upcoming installation onboard Veritas Astoria (AB veritas tankers).


2015 August - OptixMarine Welcomes The Veritas Tankers Fleet to The Optixdrive Family

We are proud to announce that Rederi AB Veritas Tankers Donsö have chosen OptixDrive on all their vessels, installations is planned for 2017.





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